Writer. Author. Creative Director. Marketing.

Location: Los Angeles.

Worked with: Big Brother, Jackass, Spike Jonze, 72 And Sunny, W+K, Nike, Vans, DC Shoes, Adidas, HUF, Carl’s Jr., Kia, Samsung, EA Sports, MTV, Red Bull, Twitter, Dodge, Volvo, Corona, Rolling Stone, Monster Children, Vice, and many more.

Services: copywriting, editorial, brand development, social media, scripts, copy editing, scribbling, scrawling, scratching, and squiggling.



I Rode A Hoverboard With Tony Hawk

Tony and I visited the Arx Pax Laboratories in Los Gatos to ride their hoverboard. The resulting article and video is the most viewed post on Tony Hawk’s Ride Channel at over 16.4M views.


Sudoku Legend, Spike Jonze

“PLONK” is a wine column that I have been writing for Monster Children Magazine since 2006. Here’s how they describe it in, 10 Years Of MC: “When we asked Dave Carnie if he’d like to write a column about wine he said, yes, thank you, I would like to write a column about wine very much. Then he just wrote whatever he wanted, making sure to insert the word ‘wine’ somewhere. Despite being dishonest, mean-spirited, rude, and a bastard, we like Dave, and his column is a reader favorite.” PLONK #47 is a tribute to Sudoku legend, Spike Jonze.

Anything Anything?  A Bristling Tale Of Bearded Bufoonery 

"After making Zach wear a union suit, raping his beard, and sticking my dick in his refrigerator, I thought it only fair that Zach should have some fun at my expense. I handed him a pair of clippers..."


Bubble Bath With Iggy Pop

This bathtub interview with Iggy Pop, commissioned by STACK Magazine/Marshall amps, was never conducted due to health issues, but we did hear that the Godfather Of Punk and his management enjoyed the proposal.


Mildew Lisa

“I was making dinner and the Talking Heads’ ‘And She Was’ was playing on the stereo, so I didn’t realize there was a murder being committed right behind me…”


The Carmel Crimecone

“I call it The Carmel Crimecone because the only section I find myself reading every week is the 'Police, Fire, and Sheriff’s Log,' the local crime blotter. If I’m going to be living in Big Sur, I need to familiarize myself with the local crime scene so that I can stay one step ahead of its villains. One can never have enough fantasy security for one’s fantasy property.”


Volvo: “The Mystery At Dalarö”

Wrote scripts with director, Spike Jonze, for the two documentaries in this peculiar European Volvo campaign.


Supra x G-Shock "It's About Time"

Conceived, wrote, and directed Supra Footwear collaborations with Lil Wayne, Harmony Korine, Steve Aoki, Deion Sanders, Retna, Dodge, Mountain Dew, Corona, and this one with G-Shock that featured a limited edition Vaider high top and matching watch. The video stars Supra team riders Keenan Milton, Boo Johnson, and Stevie Williams.

Supra, The Book

As the Senior Marketing Director at Supra, one of my favorite projects was creating a limited edition, brand history book. To see selected pages and read an interview with Chad Muska about the origins of the Skytop, click here.

Scion Magazine and Kia Open Road Magazine

I was Editor-In-Chief of Scion Magazine, and a contributor, consultant, and copy editor for Kia Open Road. Both titles are half automotive catalog, half curated editorial content (interviews, art, music, etc.). See selected pages and an interview with architect and environmentalist, William McDonough from the Scion “Green Issue." 

Samsung Galaxy S6 X Avengers: “Assemble, Part 1”

For the release of Age of Ultron Samsung and Marvel’s partnership provided 72andSunny a unique opportunity to bring their fans into the Marvel universe through immersive storytelling and Samsung’s technology. Executive creative director Bryan Rowles explained, “We ended up with the idea that, whether you’re an athlete or a normal person, wouldn’t it be cool to be a superhero—wouldn’t it be cool to be an Avenger?”

Nike 6.0, Featuring The RZA

Nike wanted to introduce the personalities of their relatively unknown team of action sports athletes via their music. We enlisted The RZA to create custom mixes based on each athlete’s preferred tastes. BMXer Garret Reynolds was into metal. (Agency: 72 And Sunny.)

The Hammer

As part of Supra's “Studio To The Streets” series, this video supported the release of Jim Greco’s signature low top, The Hammer.


HUF x Cleon Peterson Collab Interview

“There are some entire brands that I think the world would be better without, but really I don’t give a shit what people wear. If anything, bad clothes are a good thing: they are a fast and easy indication of who you want to avoid.” Read more.

Dust Bowl Disciples

To bring awareness to the worst drought in California’s history, the LACWC requested a fun and interesting way to deliver the bummer news. How about skateboarders in empty pools? Some of the biggest names in skateboarding history (Hawk, Alva, Hosoi, Salba, Olson, Arto, etc.) participated in this crash course in creative conservation. (Agency: McGann | Zhang.)

KR3W Denim: Hell & Back

KR3W’s Fall 2013 collection, “Hell & Back,” featured a new denim that was outfitted with Rehab Technology: “Recognize a higher power in denim: KR3W Rehab Denim.”