Acid Invader: The About


I was recently shuffling the letters around in“Acid Invader” and seeing what anagrams I could create. It generated some good ones:

Advice Drain

I, Dancer Diva

Carved India

A Vicar Dined

I’d End Caviar

Cave Did Rain

But then imagine my delight when one particular arrangement yielded the result, “David Carnie.”

“Holy shit!” I said. “That’s my name!” Whoa. Like, trip out.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Acid Invader, née David Carnie. (Like most things on Wikipedia, it’s sorta, more or less, kinda, pretty much, almost, about right):

David Ross Carnie From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dave Carnie (born December 14, 1969) is a former editor-in-chief of Big Brother Magazine and current writer for numerous publications.

Writing Career

Carnie writes freelance and has had articles published in Rolling Stone, Hustler, The Skateboard Mag, Snowboard Magazine, and Bizarre. Carnie also helped co-write a couple of short films with Spike Jonze ... Through his work on the Big Brother videos he was also one of the original creators of the television show Jackass and has appeared in numerous Jackass episodes. During his time at Big Brother Dave can be credited with launching the careers of numerous Jackass stars, including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Chris Pontius, and has brought fame to hundreds of skateboarding stars. Recently, Carnie was an editor of Dave has a cat with no tail named "Gary" that has become a recurring feature in his writings and interviews.

Skateboarding Involvement

Carnie was hailed for his work on exposing the dangers of the modular skateparks that many cities across the United States were installing, and was recognized by the Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee for his work. Dave also has his own brand of skateboard decks named Whalecock Skateboarding. Dave was a secret character on the PlayStation game Grind Session. His character farted while grinding.

Eh. Close enough. Although it’s not very current. Gary’s been dead for years, and replaced by Beckett. It doesn’t mention my book, boob, that was published with the help of Vans and King Publishing in 2010. It also fails to reveal that I am an executive director for USA Skateboarding (USAS), which I mention only because it allows me to say “US ASS.” And also "executive director," whatever that is. Nor does it say a thing about what I’m doing now which I suppose could be summarized as freelancing for a variety of skateboard companies and ad agencies while finishing another book, and traveling with Tania and Beckett. Mostly traveling with Tania and Beckett. I do enjoy, however, that whoever wrote my bio was privy to the rather obscure piece of information about my farting video game character. That is probably the most pertinent piece of information on this whole stupid page.

Interviews And Other Poppycock



A failed bromance.   

A failed bromance.


Apparently—and also according to Wikipedia—I invented the word “bromance.” And because Wikipedia says it’s true, everyone from MSNBC to GQ Magazine now quotes me as the source of the word “bromance.” Sorry about that. I feel horrible. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take credit for it, oh no. I mean, I’m a writer. Words are my life. “There’s more to life than books you know, but not much more, not much more,” as Morrissey said. And so to have invented a word that people actually say with their mouths is quite an achievement. It might be a stupid word—it might be one of the stupidest words ever—but it’s still a word. And I invented it. Thus, I make the words you say. I had nothing to do with “chillaxin,” though. That’s just dumb, c’mon, seriously.


Food On Drunk

FOD is the food website my wife Tania and I started back when it was cool to start a food website. We thought it would make us cool, but it didn’t really work out. For me, anyway. Tania’s always cool. We haven’t posted in a couple years because food blogs are tiring.


King Shit Magazine

This Canadian pile of shit is a skateboard magazine that was born about the same time Big Brother died. It’s kind of like the frostier, yet more polite, reincarnation of Big Brother. I like this video.



DJ Daft Connie: business woman by day, trance DJ by night.

DJ Daft Connie: business woman by day, trance DJ by night.

Department Of Skateboarding Interview

This is an interview that was supposed to be about my photography around the time I had a show at Cal’s Pharmacy in Portland, but it ended up wandering into territory about Larry Flynt, Portland Franks, black hockey players, Whale Cock, and toast, among other things.




Malakye Interview

Apparently I look like a “rocker dude,” because this interview is accompanied by “The Top Four Rocker Dudes That Look Like Dave.” Rocker dude?




Monster Children Interview

@Instagram Blog Feature

ESPN Interview

SLAP Magazine Interview

HUCK Magazine Interview (London)

Good Men Project Interview

Street Carnage Interview

Caught In The Crossfire Interview (London)